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作者:卡斯托斯维修服务中心 日期:2021.06.13


       How to do the correct maintenance of castos? Like other precision instruments, castos watches have very weak vitality and need special care and maintenance. If you don't pay attention to it and don't maintain it well, the castos watch may not work normally, which will greatly reduce its service life. So how should we maintain castos watch correctly? Today, I would like to introduce you to Beijing castos maintenance center!


       1. Beware of the magnetic field: the magnetic field will affect the normal operation of the watch, so avoid placing the watch near the objects using magnets, such as TV, WiFi equipment, microwave oven, and even bag buckle. If the watch fails, it is recommended to send it to our professional maintenance organization for inspection in time.


       2. Chain the wristwatch regularly: if you don't plan to wear the wristwatch, you should also chain it manually on a regular basis to prevent the lubricating oil between the various parts from drying out. For manual wristwatches, rotate the crown until it is tight to avoid excessive force; for automatic wristwatches, it is recommended to rotate the crown at least 20 turns.



       3. Keep watch carefully: when you don't wear a watch, make sure to keep it in a dry and cool place. It's best to use the original watch box or travel bag (sold in specialty stores) to prevent scratches from affecting the appearance of the watch.


       4. Protect the watch from impact: it is recommended that you do not wear the watch when doing exercises with strong shaking or collision, because friction and impact may bring greater damage to the watch. In addition, we should also avoid the watch to experience drastic temperature changes, because frequent access to the environment with large temperature difference, the waterproof ring will be loose or cracked due to thermal expansion and contraction.


       5. Proper maintenance in humid environment: except for some watches, including antique watches, they are waterproof. However, you cannot use the watch function when the watch is in the water. It should be noted that any mechanical watch boasting of waterproof, magnetic resistance and earthquake resistance is afraid of taking a hot bath, washing the car, washing dishes, soaking in hot springs and so on, which will cause chronic damage to the watch.


       Castors how to do the right maintenance, the above is the correct way to maintain castors watch, I hope you can maintain your watch, if you have any questions about watch repair, maintenance, identification, you can call Beijing castors service center customer service hotline: 400-061-9500, we will have professional technicians to serve you.

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