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      No matter what kind of watch is, we need to maintain it. How to maintain this kind of watch? Let's talk about how to maintain the Longines quartz watch from castos service center.


      For many women, in order to make themselves look better, they usually wear leather watch strap. When it is cold, it will be warm and will not feel cool, but it will be more troublesome in hot weather. If there is sweating or it is often wet, the watch strap will be difficult to deform, so it is necessary to avoid boiling water when using it. In the case of sweating It's best not to use it. At the same time, keep the watch strap in a dry environment.




      For a watch, when it is often used, there will be a lot of collisions, and then it is easy to hurt the watch mirror. At this time, special attention should be paid to the sapphire material. At the same time, for a watch with a drill, all kinds of collisions should be avoided. Some friends may only wear watches for a while when using them. For example, they only wear them on certain occasions. In this case, if they don't use them for a long time, it's better to clean them thoroughly and pack them. At the same time, they should keep the environment dry and damp, so as not to cause damage to the watches.


      Beijing castos maintenance


      For different watches, different processing methods are needed. For example, the mechanical watch should charge the watch every day, so that the time will be more accurate. Similarly, the quartz watch should also pay attention to the battery power. Once there is no power, the battery should be replaced in time. All kinds of brands have different prices. Each watch has its own unique maintenance method. No matter how to maintain it, do not remove the bottom cover at will during use. If there is any problem, send it to a special maintenance center for inspection. This watch has a lot of parts, and its size is very small. Once it falls down or breaks down, it will be very troublesome.


      When we buy a watch, many people value appearance, so the appearance of the watch is also very important. We should pay attention to take care of it when we use it at ordinary times, and don't make the appearance full of defects. In this way, we may not want to bring our own watch. If we don't understand it, we can call Beijing castos maintenance service center at any time.


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