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作者:卡斯托斯维修服务中心 日期:2021.06.13


       Castos watch case scratch treatment, Beijing castos maintenance center today to share with you the treatment of castos watch scratches tips. The appearance of a watch is highly praised by everyone. If a perfect and delicate thing has any traces that it should not have, it is very heartbreaking. But compared with heartache, how to solve it is the most urgent and important. Next, Beijing castors service center will introduce how to solve the scratch of castors watch.


       1. Most of the process of shell making is polishing and sanding. Maybe both of them want to repair the scars of the shell and can't be repaired blindly. But if there are deeper hard scratches, it's troublesome. Polishing or sanding is not enough.



       2. If the hand surface is injured seriously, local treatment should be carried out before maintenance. For example, on the side of the case, you can even use a small sickle. It's more oilstone, under the magnifying glass, deeper scratches.


       3. Not everyone can use the tools at will. If possible, it is best to use surgical hemostatic forceps. Take only a piece of sandpaper, fold it and fix it with hemostatic forceps, parallel to the original texture to make sand pulling. Sapphire glass is hard, don't think about it. But the case of castos watch is made of stainless steel. When operating, you must pay attention to it. Do not scratch it. If necessary, you can cover it with adhesive tape. In terms of technology, all sand pulling textures should be kept in the direction of walking, and should be radial in the center of the surface plate.


       The above is the whole content of this article, I hope you can learn some methods and master and apply them in daily life after reading. We suggest that you should develop a good habit of using the watch at ordinary times. If there is a problem with the castors watch, you'd better seek the help of a professional Beijing castors maintenance center. Otherwise, if you operate it yourself, it may get worse and worse. If there is any problem or demand in the process of using your castos watch, you can send it to the regular Beijing castos maintenance center, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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