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作者:卡斯托斯维修服务中心 日期:2021.06.13


       When wearing castos watch, you should pay attention to avoid collision with sharp or hard objects, and try not to wear the watch for strenuous exercise, so as to avoid falling or scratching the watch. The broken watch will affect the tightness of the watch, leading to the watch into dust or water vapor, so the watch needs good protection.


       When the watch accidentally fell to the ground, or due to a variety of collisions caused by the watch glass abrasions, cracks, damaged edges, complete damage and so on. If it's just scratches or cracks, you can make do with it. Of course, it will affect the appearance of the watch. For broken edges and completely broken glass, the watch must be replaced.


卡斯托斯手表更换表蒙需要多少钱呢 (图)

       In order to ensure the quality of the products, we must choose the watch maintenance organization with the standard to replace the watch. The most important thing to replace the watch cover is its waterproof performance. Many friends in the non-standard watch repair shop to replace the watch, did not do a good waterproof test, resulting in a significant decline in the waterproof performance of the watch. And professional watch maintenance institutions, after the replacement of the watch will be a comprehensive waterproof test on the watch.


       If the watch glass is completely cracked and the damaged surface is inward (to the surface of the dial), the glass fragment is covered by the dial. In this case, immediate measures must be taken, such as pulling out the crown to stop the watch industry. But never pull out the needle or adjust the calendar. Hold the watch steady until it is sent to the repair shop.


       The price of a watch is uncertain, depending on the type and condition of the watch. The shape and size of the watch dial are different, and the ordinary watch repair shop may not be able to match the corresponding model in time. Only regular watch maintenance center can guarantee enough supply, thus greatly shortening the maintenance cycle.


       Warm tips: the above is the professional maintenance technician of castos watch maintenance center on the replacement of watches, hope to help you. If you have any questions that you don't understand, you can consult the professional maintenance technician of castos watch Maintenance Center online, and the technician will answer them for you.

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