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        When we use castos watch in our daily life, many watchers often reflect that castos watch is not accurate, which makes many friends not understand. The reason is that the travel time of castos mechanical watch is affected by many factors. Now let's introduce the cause of abnormal travel time of castos watch, hoping to help you.




        Watch maintenance


        1、 Kastos watch contacts with objects with magnetic field too much, which leads to the phenomenon that the watch is magnetized and causes the watch to travel inaccurately. Once kastos watch is magnetized, it is likely to stop and go, fast and slow. Moreover, the magnetism will not disappear by itself, so it can only be restored to normal by degaussing in a professional watch maintenance center, It is suggested that you stay away from the magnetic field at ordinary times to avoid the magnetic phenomenon of castos watch.


        2、 In general, castos mechanical watch should be maintained every two to three years. During the maintenance of the movement of castos mechanical watch, the movement should be completely disassembled, cleaned, oiled, reassembled, adjusted and checked for function, and any worn or faulty parts should be repaired or replaced. If there is no maintenance for castos watch, the wear of the movement parts will be increased, resulting in the oil drying up, thus affecting the normal travel time of castos watch and making castos watch safe TOS watch appears fast and slow. Therefore, regular maintenance is very necessary.


        3、 Mechanical failure affects the travel time of castos watch. Mechanical faults such as hairspring fault, escapement system fault, parts sliding tooth and so on may lead to the situation that castos watch is fast and slow; therefore, when castos watch has abnormal travel time, you can first pull out the crown and take it to a professional watch maintenance center to let the maintenance master check the reason; of course, castos mechanical watch is fast and slow, which may also be due to the following reasons It is caused by severe impact and water inflow.


        4、 Castos watch abnormal reasons complex, need to repair the master according to the specific situation to repair. Generally speaking, the quartz castos watch is very accurate, and it is not easy to have travel time fault; in the case of sufficient maintenance, its fast and slow situation is basically related to the battery and circuit board fault, or some part of the poor contact, which leads to the stop or inaccurate travel time of the castos watch.


        The above is about castos watch abnormal travel time related introduction, I hope to help you. In fact, there is no watch with absolutely accurate travel time in the world! The error of castos mechanical watch, no matter how fast or slow, is normal as long as it is within the specified range! If your castos watch has large travel time error, please go to the castos watch after-sales service center and let professional technicians repair and maintain your watch.


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