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作者:卡斯托斯维修服务中心 日期:2021.06.13

       How to repair the scratch on watch watch when it is true? The following Beijing CVSTOS time after-sales Center for you to answer, CVSTOS watch surface mask production is generally sapphire crystal, not only in line with the style of CVSTOS watch, but also very durable, because sapphire hardness is comparable to diamonds, easy to scratch, but it does not mean that there will be no scratches. Let Beijing CVSTOS time after-sales maintenance center to tell you how to repair the scratch on the watch watch when CVSTOS is in the process of repairing it!

       1、 Why does Watch Scratch when real force

       Although the watch cover of CVSTOS watch is sapphire watch, it is also divided into different series, such as some cheap ones, it is to add a layer of sapphire to add a layer of coating. If the coating is not, then the whole watch also lacks scratch prevention and easy to leave scratches. In addition, it is normal to pay attention to the non attention in life and scratch.

       There is also a kind of anti dizziness coating added to watch watch for the sake of beauty and convenient time for users. Originally, it is for convenience of customers, but because of its non wear resistance, the coating has scratches, which is very ugly.

卡斯托斯手表表蒙划痕如何修复 (图)

       2、 How to repair

       1. Of course, it is polished with sandpaper. It is not difficult to repair scratches. As long as you are careful and stable, you can do it well, but it still needs a little experience to be even and smooth. Usually, it needs to be polished according to the pattern. The center of the dial is radial. It is only a little bit that the grinding effect will be good.

       2. If there is a coating, you can grind all the coating off, and then add a new coating. All the scratches on the watch case and strap. If you want to remove it slowly or make a renovation to the appearance of the watch, you can refer to this method. It is not difficult to repair the scratch on the watch belt of the watch case with sandpaper.

       How to repair the scratch on watch watch when it is true? Above is the full content of how to repair the scratch on the watch watch when CVSTOS. It is suggested that you give some complicated operation to the professional of Beijing CVSTOS after-sales maintenance center to avoid the loss caused by improper operation. If you need any real time watch, please consult our Beijing CVSTOS time after-sales service center, and there will be professional technicians dedicated to your service.


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