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作者:卡斯托斯维修服务中心 日期:2021.03.26


        Like many watch brands with a long history, castos watch has inherited the artistic atmosphere of romanticism for decades, inherited the essence of long-standing watchmaking culture all the way, adhered to the classic and simple artistic style and design concept, gone through the test and lasting renovation, and achieved the ultimate pursuit of quality with exquisite work. In the flow of time, it carves every minute for a long time. It is highly praised for its natural artistic heritage and noble and elegant temperament, and is widely admired by the world. Do you know how to maintain castos watch? Here is to explain how to maintain castos watch.



        Watch maintenance


        First of all, in daily use, pay attention not to contact the watch with objects that produce strong magnetic field, such as TV, notebook, radio and magnet. As far as possible in the high temperature and humidity or large temperature difference place use watch, also need to avoid in the sun for a long time exposure. If water vapor often appears in your castos watch, you need to send it to the regular after-sales service center for maintenance, so as to avoid the watch movement rusting due to water vapor.


        In the use of valuable watches, it is also necessary to avoid contacting with various solvents and chemicals, otherwise the case and strap will be corroded. The mechanical watch needs to be wound regularly every day. Even if it is not in use, it needs to be wound at least 1-2 times a month.


        Kastos watch should be tested every year and maintained every 2-3 years. Remember not to wait until the watch is out of order before you know how to maintain it. At this time, the maintenance cost of the watch is far higher than the maintenance cost. If you need maintenance service, please go to castos official after-sales service center for inspection and maintenance.


        The content of the above article is related to the maintenance of castos watch, hoping to help you. No matter what brand of watch, maintenance work is very important, only good watch maintenance work can make your watch long-term good operation. If there is any problem with your castos watch, we suggest you go to the official castos after-sales service center for repair and maintenance.

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