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作者:卡斯托斯维修服务中心 日期:2021.06.13


       Notice for replacing waterproof rubber ring of castos watch. Castos watch has always been a symbol of status, and many watchers who own castos watch can't put it down. Even castos watches need to be maintained and cared for. In the daily use of castos watches, a little carelessness may cause castos watches to suffer heavy pain, so we need to take more care of them and protect them. Do you know what you need to pay attention to when you use the waterproof rubber ring on the back cover of castos watch? Now let's invite Beijing castos maintenance center to explain to you.


       Some castos watch case structures are sealed and combined by the waterproof rubber ring, which is usually the type of press cover. If the rubber ring is not replaced properly, it will either be easy to be detached or difficult to be pressed in, or it will be easy to damage the watch (glass or case) when pressed in.



       It's troublesome to replace the special-shaped waterproof aprons. You must choose the original specifications of the original factory. If you want to transform yourself, it depends on whether your technique is good. The principle is to ensure airtight and waterproof. I think you'd better not lose too much because of small things. All the special-shaped waterproof aprons are big watches. Once such watches get into the water, the loss will be more serious. You should go to Beijing castos immediately for maintenance Center.


       Notes for replacing waterproof rubber ring of castos Watch: if the new waterproof rubber ring is made of rubber, it needs to evenly apply a layer of silicone oil or grease on its castos surface; if you open the back cover of the watch, you must pay attention to the technique, and don't cut the waterproof rubber ring.


       This article is provided by the professional maintenance master of Beijing castors maintenance center. If you have any questions about watch repair, identification or maintenance, you can call the service hotline of Beijing castors maintenance center at any time: 400-061-9500. We have professional staff to solve all the problems about watches for you.

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